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3rd Day is the charm!

2009-04-07 12:24:56 by NeonNoble

Well, today should mark about the 3rd day since registering at Newgrounds, and finally my audio has loaded! The songs have had their names changed and had the right music loaded and everything, so head on over and check it all out!

Don't forget to vote-- I need FEEDBACK! :P

Day... Two? Maybe?

2009-04-06 20:35:23 by NeonNoble

So, hey. I've submitted another audio work, and it appears that still neither has been approved. Just when I need to change the names, too! D:

Come on, now, Newgrounds, certainly you shouldn't set a "Voluntary" audio approval team?

Day One

2009-04-05 13:30:16 by NeonNoble

Well, here I am! If you know me, great, but if you don't, I hope you'll learn to know me!

Anyway, I'm here to post music... but, unfortunately, the AUDIO PORTAL MODERATORS haven't yet approved my song. >.>